Vetiver. Contains relaxing and calming properties; helps with concentration and focus.

Lavender. Calms the mind and body. Can help with neurological issues.

Frankincense. Shown to reduce stress. Helps reduce heart rate and high blood pressure.33

Rosemary. Stimulates the senses and supports memory retention.

A recent study found that inhaling rosemary essential oil produced
a significant enhancement of performance for overall quality of memory. In addition, inhaling a combination of rosemary and lemon in the morning showed significant improvement in personal orientation.

Home Remedy
Calming and Relaxing Blend. Mix equal parts of vetiver, frankincense, lavender and rosemary. Each morning and evening, inhale for as long as the child is willing. These oils can also be diluted in coconut oil and massaged into the skin.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) encompasses a group of complex disorders of brain development. Autism appears to have its roots in very early brain development. However, the most obvious signs of autism and symptoms of autism tend to emerge between two and three years of age. Autism is associated with intellectual disability, motor coordination difficulty, attention issues and physical health issues such as sleep and gastrointestinal disturbances. Most cases of autism appear to be caused by a combination of genetics and environmental factors influencing early brain development.

Suggested Supplements

» Omega-3. EPA/DHA found in fish oil are critical for brain function; possesses anti-inflammatory benefits. Supplementation has been shown to reduce symptoms of autism and improve learning.

» Probiotics. Can improve leaky gut and nutrient absorption, which may help children who have digestive issues that are affecting the brain.