Citronella. Acts as an all-natural bug repellant.

Lemongrass. Repels bugs such as mosquitoes because of its high citral and geraniol content.

Lavender. Feels soothing when applied directly to the skin; can help speed up the healing process.

Holy Basil. Has wound healing abilities, largely due to the presence of eugenol.

A 2016 study tested the effects of the oils of certain plants against mosquito bites. The oils of citrus leaves, citrus fruit peel and Alpinia galanga (rhizome) were used to create a lotion and compared against commercial repellants. The essential oil-based lotions revealed an impressive 90 percent protection against mosquito bites for four hours.

Home Remedy
Bug Spray. Mix 1⁄2 cup of witch hazel, 1⁄2 cup of apple cider vinegar and 40 drops of essential oils
(a mix of citronella, eucalyptus, lemongrass and tea tree) in a spray bottle. Spray your body, avoiding your eyes and mouth.

Many insects and spiders bite or sting, and while the bites of common bugs such as mosquitoes, mites and fleas are itchy and uncomfortable, they’re usually harmless. But some bites and stings, such as those from fire ants, wasps, hornets and bees, may cause intense pain or even an allergic reaction. Others, such as poisonous spider bites, may require immediate emergency medical care. Certain oils have the power to soothe the skin and fight possible infections from insects. Essential oils can also ward off bugs; use them to make a homemade bug spray— they will help to fight bacteria and nourish the skin, too.

Suggested Supplements

» Witch Hazel. Can help reduce the pain, annoying itching and swelling associated with bug bites; may speed up the healing process.

» Colloidal Silver + Oatmeal Bath. Soothes the itching caused by mosquito bites; reduces swelling from bites.