Bergamot. Can create feelings of joy and energy by improving circulation of the blood.
Ylang Ylang. Acts as a mild sedative and can lower stress responses.

Lavender. Known to aid neurological conditions, including depression and anxiety.

Roman Chamomile. Inhaling it may help lessen anxiety and general depression.

A 2012 study took 28 high-risk postpartum women and found that after a four-week treatment plan of lavender aromatherapy, they had a significant reduction of postnatal depression and reduced anxiety disorder.

Home Remedy
Invigorating Inhalation. Rub 1 drop each of bergamot oil, lavender oil and ylang ylang oil into your hands and cup your mouth and nose. Breathe in the oil slowly. Also try rubbing the oils on your feet and stomach.

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder caused by changes in brain chemistry. It affects approximately 14.8 million American adults. Depression causes severe symptoms that affect how you feel, think and handle daily activities. Symptoms include fatigue, sadness, low sex drive, lack of appetite, feelings of helplessness and disinterest in common activities. Research indicates that other factors contribute to the onset of depression, including genetics, changes in hormone levels, certain medical conditions, stress, grief or difficult life circumstances. Antidepressant medications have serious side effects that can include suicidal thoughts, weight gain and personality changes; what’s worse, studies have shown that antidepressants fail to cure the symptoms of major depression in half of all treated patients.

Suggested Supplements

» Fish Oil. High in EPA, which is critical for neurotransmitter function—an important component in emotional and physiological brain balance.

» Vitamin D3. Helps improve seasonal affective disorder (may manifest as depression).