Oregano. Has proven and powerful antibiotic capabilities.128

Cedarwood. Defends the body against toxins; fights off bacteria in the body.

Tea Tree and Manuka. Destroys parasites and fungi.

Thyme. An antiseptic; controls infections on the skin and within the body; antibacterial.

A study conducted at the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology found that cedarwood is effective in controlling both bacteria and yeasts responsible for oral infections.

Home Remedy
Infection-Fighting Lotion. Mix 1 to 2 drops each of tea tree, cedarwood, manuka and thyme oils into a squirt of natural lotion and apply it to areas of infection or to your lymph nodes to fight internal infection. Additionally, take oregano oil internally for up to two weeks.

An infection is the invasion of body tissues by disease-causing agents. These agents are able to multiply, cause a reaction in bodily tissues and produce toxins within the body. An infection can lead to countless symptoms, from a sore throat and fever to far more serious and sometimes fatal complications. Worldwide, infectious diseases are the leading cause of death of children and adolescents, and one of the leading causes in adults. Infections are caused by germs such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. Many of the constituents in essential oils have been proven to fight these germs and help you recover from or possibly evade infection.

Suggested Supplements

» Elderberry. Fights infections, including influenza, herpes, viral infections and bacterial infections.

» Echinacea. Evidence suggests that phytochemicals in echinacea have the capacity to reduce viral infections.