Oregano. Prevents bacterial overgrowth in the bladder’s interior walls.208

Clove. Fights the bacteria that lead to UTIs. Can fight parasites that thrive in the intestines.

Myrrh. Helps soothe the discomfort associated with UTIs and addresses the cause.

Lemongrass. Supports urinary tract health.

Myrrh has been shown to have powerful analgesic properties and anti-inflammatory benefits that support the traditional uses of myrrh as an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever.

Home Remedy
Bladder Soothe. Consume 5 drops of oregano oil diluted with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil or honey three times daily either until symptoms subside or up to 7 days. Also, take daily doses of probiotics.

A urinary tract infection (UTI), or bladder infection, is an infection involving the kidneys, ureters, bladder or urethra that is caused by bacterial overgrowth in the bladder’s interior walls. It leads to pain during urination, a frequent need to urinate and fever. The culprit in at least 90 percent of UTIs is a type of bacteria called Escherichia coli, better known as E. coli. If you're a woman, your chance of getting a UTI is high; some experts rank your  lifetime risk of getting one as high as one in two—with many women having repeat infections, sometimes for years on end. UTIs are much more common in adults than in children, but about 1 to 2 percent of children do get them. In the U.S., UTIs account for more than 7 million visits to medical offices and hospitals each year. The most common causes of a UTI include sexual intercourse, overconsumption of sugar, pregnancy, antibiotic use, hormone imbalances and injury to the area.

Suggested Supplements

» D-mannose. Prevents bacterial buildup in the bladder. Take 500 milligrams, four times daily.

» Probiotics. Help increase good bacteria in the bladder and reduce the growth of infection-causing bacteria. Take 50 billion CFU daily.